Take a Look at What’s On Offer From Frankie’s Pasta Takeaway

Frankie’s Deals

Take a look at the great value specials we have on offer, for one, a pair or a family!

* Excludes seafood dishes.

Choose Your Sauce

Napolitana Sauces

Frankie’s traditional tomato-based sauce is prepared using delicious Italian tomatoes, combined with our secret combination of fresh herbs and spices to produce a Napolitana sauce that the whole family will love!
Go small or regular, depending on your appetite.

Cream Sauces

Frankie’s velvety smooth cream sauce coupled with our fresh, quality ingredients will leave you craving more… we warned you.
Go small or regular, depending on your appetite.

Rosé Sauces

Frankie’s Rose Sauce is a delicious blend of Napolitana and cream, cooked with a secret technique you’ll only find at Frankie’s!
Go small or regular, depending on your appetite.

Choose Your Pasta

Start with a tasty ‘classic’ pasta or upgrade to one of our delicious ‘premium’ choices – it’s up to you. We also have gluten free penne for our friends who don’t do wheat.

Classic: penne, spaghetti, fettuccine, spirals.
Premium: tortellini, gnocchi, beef ravioli, spinach & ricotta ravioli. (+1.5 / +2.0)
Gluten free penne (GF)(+1.5 / +2.0)

For Kids

Frankie’s is family! Our kids’ options are designed to make even the littlest pasta lovers happy.


*Big kids can order an upsized kids’ pasta for 11.9

Add Ons

Add extras to your sauce, or double down on what’s already there!
Cheese 0.1, Spinach 1.0, Sun dried tomatoes 1.0, Onion 1.0, Olives 1.0, Anchovies 1.0, Mushrooms 2.0, Broccoli 2.0, Bacon 2.0, Chicken 3.0, Prawns 4.0, Ragu 4.0

Other Favourites

Everyone loves a warm, cheesy lasagne! Frankie’s beef and vegetarian lasagnes are made in-house and are an all-time favourite.
Speaking of favourites, who can go past toasty buttered garlic bread or a warm meatball?

Beef Lasagne

Beef Lasagne 15.9

Homemade with beef, mozzarella cheese & Napolitana sauce.

Veggie Lasagne

Veggie Lasagne 15.9

Homemade with tomato, zucchini, onion, capsicum, mozzarella cheese & Napolitana sauce.


Meatballs 5.0

Four hand rolled beef meatballs.

Garlic Bread

Garlic Bread 5.0

Two pieces of fresh Italian bread toasted with garlic, herbs & butter.


Cooked in a traditional broth until creamy but just a bit al dente, Frankie’s risottos are a flavour packed alternative to pasta.


Treat yourself with one of our luxurious, Adelaide made Gelatos. Made with locally sourced produce where possible, the flavour really shines through in each super creamy jar. 150mL 5.0
*May contain nuts or traces of nuts. Gluten Free.


Wash down your fabulous takeaway meal with one of these refreshing drinks. We’ve got the whole family covered!

Delivery Options

Stay home! It’s easy to sit back and relax with Frankie’s Pasta Takeaway. Simply choose your favourite delivery service to have fine Italian cuisine delivered to your door.